Canadian Online Craps

Craps is one of the most popular casino games in Canada, with exciting rolls of the dice that leaves your winnings up to fate and fortune. In real brick and mortar casinos you can often hear loud shouts of encouragement and excitement from the Craps table. This is the game that is often portrayed in movies with beautiful women hanging on men’s arms whilst they roll the dice and hope for their lucky numbers.

The person who roles the dice is called the Shooter, and the game is played with two dice and a large green table. The online casinos in Canada use a Random Number Generator (RNG) technique to roll their dice to ensure fairness. Craps does not require any skill or technique at all, and is purely a game of chance. You simply bet on a number or other various options, and win if the dice stops on your number.

The game at its core is very simple and has very few rules. Bet on a number, roll the dice and hope your number comes up pretty much sums it up. The first thing the player is required to do id click on a selection the player chooses. Obviously in a brick and mortar casino this would be done by the dealer, but in online and mobile casinos this is done by the computer. Net the player clicks on the roll button, and the computer will use the RNG to roll the dice for you. Based on the outcome of the dice it will be determined whether you win or lose.

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Craps Rules & Strategies Online

So I know that we said this was a game of pure chance, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare yourself beforehand! There are a few things that players can do to improve their odds. The first is to know the rules really well before wagering any real money. Take the time to play a few games in the demo versions to get the hang of the game. Almost all online and mobile casinos in Canada offer a free version of Craps. Don’t listen to what others say, go with your own knowledge and feelings. Bet according to your pocket, and always start low before moving up the scale.

Mobile and Live Dealer Craps Games

Craps as mentioned is so popular that not only are there video versions of this game online, but you can also play it on your mobile, and some casinos even offer a live dealer version where you tune into a game being broadcast from a real brick and mortar casino, with a real person doing the dealing. This option is very interactive, as you are playing against other real people around the world, and can chat to them and the dealer as you play. The mobile version of the game is not as intricate as the original online one available to pc users, due to smaller screen sizes and graphic limitations. This is still a great option for Canadians on the go however, and here at we recommend the casinos that have the widest choice of mobile casino games, online and live play games available for your perusal.