Online Casinos Taking POLi Deposits

POLi stands for Pay OnLine. Which is exactly what casino players want, a convenient banking option for Canadians that will allow them to transfer money from their personal bank accounts to their online casino accounts with total security and confidentiality. Those delectable and enticing casino and slots games that everyone is talking about are now but a few clicks away!

Officially commenced in 2008, POLi is now recognised facilitator of online financial transactions. Created by the acclaimed Centricom group based in Melbourne, Australia, POLi assists online shoppers, and casino players, obviously, to maximise their online payments strategy by assisting with the transfer of funds, directly and smoothly, between the internet bank accounts and online casino accounts. This makes casino play just so much easier for all Canadians.

So easy to use, all that customers need do is to install the the POLi web browser and confirm that their computer meets a number of minimum system requirements. These include simply ensuring operating systems and browser compatibility. Once these system requirements are met, it is like opening the gate, and players have access to one of the most convenient payment systems available. Including a host of benefits, including some of the most advanced security features in the industry, is sometime really seems as if POLi was designed with the casino player in mind. All that needs to happen is to select the POLi payment option at your favourite casino venue. Click on your own bank and complete the transaction using the Pay Anyone function at your internet banking facility. The tables are now open for winning hands of online poker and blackjack!

Where the POLi software helps casino play, is to effectively become a single-purpose internet browser, providing an interface for accessing your banks’ website with all the necessary instructions available to deposit and withdraw money from casinos. As the transactions take place within your banks’ internet banking site, neither the casino nor even POLi itself has access to your bank account number, or, in fact, any sensitive data at all. That is real safety. The only data POLi has access to is the receipt number, required for confirmation of the transaction, should any follow-up be necessary.

TOP POLi CasinosJune 2024
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4 IE allowed4.7/5$1600 CAD Play now
5 IE allowed4.6/5$750 CAD Play now

The Online Casino Advantages to Using POLi

The advantages of using POLi to facilitate action-filled casino play are real-world and pragmatic. This is why it is so popular and why so many high rollers use it. POLi’s real-time online service negates the need for delays or limits set by other forms of money transfer. It is for Canadians who want to play now. Even the UK based bookmaker, Ladbrokes, prefer this online payment method. No credit cards are needed, and the immediate access to the swathe of brilliant Canadian online casinos just waiting at is comprehensively enjoyed.

Believe the Benefits of POLi Online Casinos

Another crucial factor, and why POLi is so appealing is because it is free. There are no signups involved or account management required, great news to casino players. No more the ever-present red tape, rather instantaneous receipts and savings on credit card fees coupled with the convenience factor of not having to enter payment details. POLi really is a great payment solution for online casino play.